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Difference and Diversity


Each of us has our own unique experiences and backgrounds that make us who we are. While that may include an infinite number of factors, things like gender, race, ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic class, disability and sexuality play a big part in how the we move about the world and how we experience others and ourselves.  These factors may not be central to the work we do together, but my awareness of our differences and similarities will ensure I see you in the context of your own lived experience. Whilst my own exploration of my identity as Black, mixed-race queer woman (and so much more!) may help me to empathise with many different intersections of power and privilege, I treat every person as an individual with their own unique experience to be understood and explored.   

I take a non-judgemental, respectful approach to relationship diversity, such as open relationships and polyamory, and an affirming position towards gender and sexuality identities. All members of the LGBTQ+ community are welcome, as are those who are trying to learn to be more accepting and understanding of those who are different from themselves. 

Whilst race, culture and ethnicity have always been a part of all our experiences, the rise of the Black Lives Matter Movement has brought these issues into sharp focus for many of us. Whether you are struggling with racial trauma, understanding your own identity or confronting your own internalised racism, I am experienced and trained in helping you process these challenging issues. I take an empathic, non-judgemental approach with both compassion and candour. 

As a registered member of the BACP, I adhere to the the BACP Ethical Framework, which you can access here.

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